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Fine Blanking Presses ML700

Fine Blanking Presses

Fineblanking presses on a new level of flexibility and productivity. Reliable, high usability and high precision, a machine developed for mass production. 

Innovative machine control and tooling flexibility deliver new possibilities in terms of fineblanking. The ML700 supports you to optimize processes of existing tooling and to enlarge the tool lifetime. New functions even enlarge the range of applications for your fineblanking production and enable you to meet the increasing demands of the automotive industry as well as shifting the process limits of the future-oriented production process even further.

At our fineblanking presses productivity comes first, along with an extremely high degree of flexibility in terms of machine control and tooling, the machine offers everything for an efficient production.  Together with other PETER WOLTERS products such as the Deburring system BD 300-L, we provide Turn-Key Solutions for the whole process-chain and support you from the raw material to the final part.

Customer Benefit

  • Extensive process and tooling opportunities
  • Comprehensive monitoring system
  • Fast and simple tool exchange
  • High process stability
  • Reliable tool safety
  • Heavy duty design
  • In process coil inspection
  • Efficient material flow
  • Good accessibility, easy to service and maintain, safe and simple operation
  • Simple hand-over to secondary processes

Control Panel

  • Siemens TP 1500 Comfort
  • Intuitive, safe and simple operation
  • User friendly due to self-explaining icons
  • Developed with experienced machine operators 

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Technical Data




Total blanking force (max.) [kN] 7000 9000 11000
Upper bolster [mm]  1260 x 1100  1260 x 1100 1260 x 1100 
Table [mm]  1725 x 1135   1725 x 1135 1725 x 1135 
Upper cushion effective area Ø [mm]  505 505  505 
Ram cushion effective area Ø [mm]  415 415  415 
Upper cushion counter force (max.) [kN]  3200 4000  5000 
Ram cushion counter force (max.) [kN]  1600 2000  2500 
Ram Stroke (max.) [kN]  305 305  305 
Blanking speed (max.) [mm/s]  100 100  100 
Closing/Return speed (max.) [mm/s]  225 225  225 
Strokes/min. (Standard/Performance option)* 85/100 70/85 60/70
Strip width (max.) [mm]  450 450  450 
Material thickness (max.) [mm ]  16 16  16 



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