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Tailor-made support systems for best customer-care help to maintain the value of the investment. Our mission is first-class, worldwide customer-care and therefore customer satisfaction. The well-trained Lapmaster Wolters service team is available according to your requirements.


squareRepair & Spare Parts

When you are looking for spare parts and service, Lapmaster Wolters is your source for original spare parts, made to specification, along with providing highly trained technicians to repair your machine.  For this reason alone, original parts and a factory trained serviceman, you cannot argue for buying your parts and service work from anyone other than Peter Wolters!  We guarantee spare parts availability for 10 years beginning with the purchase of the machine along with a worldwide network of service centers always guaranteeing a fast response time.


Even the best machine needs maintenance. At Lapmaster Wolters you get individual, tailored solutions for the maintenance of your machine. Whether metal, glass, ceramic or silicon processing, one shift or multi-shift operation - with Peter Wolters you always have a competent partner that offers maintenance packages designed to meet your needs. Peter Wolters not only offers maintenance of individual systems but can also provide maintenance service to your entire compliment of lapping, polishing and grinding systems, structured to address your unique requirements.

squareOnline Services & Data Management

Why wait for a technician when you can identify the solution using our remote access feature?  Solutions for software and/or control issues can be found within minutes with the Lapmaster Wolters RangeCare® solution. Hardware problems can also be detected prior to the arrival of the technician and spare parts can be sent in advance - for a fast and efficient solution.

Do you want to analyze your data and archive processes for future comparisons and audits? With the Lapmaster Wolters Datacare ® Package you have access to most process parameters on your machine. Data can be gathered, stored and analyzed with up to 5 process parameters per second.

squareRetrofit & System overhauling

Has your machine lost precision over the years or do you have an older machine and are missing some of the latest features?  Lapmaster Wolters offers several retrofits which can be tailored to meet your requirements. You can select to purchase a complete machine overhaul and receive a refurbished machine that performs like a brand new machine with results as good as at the day it was purchased.

You may also choose to retrofit a machine with a few new parts and features; to increase the productivity of the machine. Possible retrofits can include an extension of a loading table, a complete upgrade of the operating control system having the latest controls and measurement equipment, or other.


Lapmaster Wolters offers a comprehensive customer training program tailored to your individual requirements. This training can take place either at your premises or at the Lapmaster Wolters training center. Furthermore, Lapmaster Wolters offers comprehensive training for customers who would like to maintain their machine by themselves.


We are offering our service programme at the following locations:

Lapmaster Wolters GmbH
Buesumer Strasse 96
24768 Rendsburg
Tel.: +49 4331 458-100
Fax: +49 4331 458-380
  Lapmaster Wolters USA
501 W Algonquin Rd
Mount Prospect (Chicago)
IL 60056-5705, USA
Tel.: +1 224.659.7101
Fax: +1 224.659.7103
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