Finegrinding is a machining process with a multiple cutting tool out of bonded, extremely hard abrasives under permanent surface contact between      workpiece and tool for improvement of size, form and surface quality.

In the     finegrinding process tools with bonded grain are used, in opposite to lapping where the grain is bonded. Due to this reason different removal mechanism take     effect during machining, despite similar kinematic circumstances.

Finegrinding     is a double-side-cross-flatgrinding process with cycloid workpiece movement  where both workpiece sides are machined simultaneously. After inserting the     workpieces into the especially designed apertures of the carriers, the carriers are guided through a gear tooth system between two rotating grinding wheels.     

During this, the carriers move like the circulating wheels of an epicyclic gear between the driven inner and the resting outer pin ring of the epicyclic workholder drive system, so that the carriers in between the carriers move in cycloid tracks.
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