The Peter Wolters Deburring Systems are 2 up to 5-station-unit-systems each with 3 resp. 4 brushes per station.

Deburring is possible on one side as well as on both sides. While deburring both sides the workpieces are turned over automatically with a flip-over-device.
There’s also a full-automation available to connect the Deburring System to a Peter Wolters Finegrinding System. The brushes of the Burr-Ex Deburring Stations draw cycloid tracks on the parts which are machined. 

Through the immersion depth of the brush-bristles into the parts and their rotary lateral cross transverse movements relatively to the workpiece, all workpiece edges or bores have an extremely equal contact. Therefore we are able to reach also extremely equal deburring results in all flat directions.     
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