Twin Loader rotary table for AC microLine®

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AC 1000 F TL RC

Technical Data:


Work piece height [mm] 2 – 30 (AC 700)*
2 – 37 (AC 1000)*
Work piece diameter [mm]   > 13*
Gap loading yes
Gap unloading yes
Auxiliary process time [sec] 60**

Automation for:
AC 700-F
AC 1000-F

  • Innovative modular automation concept
  • Automated simultaneous loading or unloading of two carrier wheels
  • Machine operator is assisted
  • Optimization of tolerances due to constant process cycle
  • Preparation of next batch while processing is in progress
  • Can be flexibly used for most diversified work pieces
  • Safe loading and unloading into and out of the “gap”

Preparation for customer‘s working wheel loading:

  • clearly defined mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • optional rotary indexing of individual carrier wheels at loading and unloading table
  • modular design allows even subsequent implementation of a carrier wheel loading automation

* Other dimensions upon request
** Reference point, depending on user and / or workpiece
(Technical data is subject to modification)

PETER WOLTERS Automation Solutions

Our automation components for Fine Grinding machines of the PETER WOLTERS AC microLine® series are based on practical development thus giving maximum benefit to the user.

To realize customized application solutions, a large choice of modular existing and established solutions are available in hard- and software. The customer determines the degree of automation by selecting the necessary modules. The module technology enables cost and time effective engineering step-by-step even for complex systems.

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