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Excellent Performance and Versatility

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Latest Technology as Standard – for outstanding Performance and Versatility

AC microLine® 1200  The Main Technical Characteristics 

  • Peter Wolters AC 1200 double-side batch processing machine has been designed for high-precision series processing of work pieces. Due to its modular construction, AC 1200 can be used as a fine grinding, and honing machine.

    Machine Features:

    • Like all machines of the microLine© series, AC 1200 is based on tried and tested core components such as high-precision, pneumatic pressure system, non-contact micro measuring controller, powerful drive technology, and the PC assisted machine control. Software has been developed by Peter Wolters which makes it possible to intuitively operate the machine entirely by menus. Swivel mounted cabinet and frame allow access to the machine interior.

    • The machine is available with different rotating devices, drive powers and wheel speeds to match the widest possible range of work pieces. This ensures optimum machine configuration for every application.

    • AC 1200 is available with well-known, tried and tested accessories such as gap formation, alignment device, and dosing system for fine grinding/lapping or polishing compound. Accessories such as measuring sensor and post-process measurement provide data for statistical process control and offer process security when processing critical work pieces. "Data Care", the proprietary analysis tool, captures all controller data and thus is the perfect platform for analytic process evaluation, optimization and fault analysis.

    • AC 1200 can load and process work pieces with a maximum diameter of 400 mm and a maximum thickness of 100 mm.
  • Long machine life, reliability, profitability, versatility and automation are all prominent features of the AC microLine® series.

    Proven PETER WOLTERS manufacturing standards – Made in Germany.
    • Adapts easily to customer's application requirements
    • High degree of stiffness and precision
    • Fast - ergonomic loading and unloading, as well as easy tool changing
    • Optimum surface quality, flatness, thickness tolerance and plane parallelism with narrowest tolerances on the work piece
    • Extreme temperature stabilization over the  tool surface and therefore constant flatness of the working wheels
    • Reduced cost per piece, shorter loading, unloading, non-productive times.
    • Comprehensive, clearly structured screens
    • Excellent machining results due to compliance with freely programmable process parameters
    • Fast response to load changes (hysteresis-free)
    • User friendly, intuitive operation
    • Capable of storing 60 or more processing programs
    • Low operating costs
    • Individual process development, highest productivity
    • Easy to maintain
    • AC 1200 can be configured to the respective application and is suitable for grinding, lapping, honing and polishing.
    • Top variant features servo drives.
    • Size of the work piece to process is the basis for selecting the optimum rotating device. Several variants to choose from.
    • Machine comes with suitable filters and cooling components  depending on the application.
    • AC1200 can be linked with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic loading systems.


    AC 1200 Automation/ Loading Systems:

    PETER WOLTERS system solutions in hard- and software ensure that all automation components interlink perfectly.

  • Offering precision within the latest technology


    Process oriented visualization (Human Machine Interface – HMI):

    • Detailed graphic display of process data
      • Pressure and geometry
      • Speed (rpm)
      • Torque
      • Temperatures
    • Comprehensive, clearly structured adjustment of several machine options, i.e. process control, swivel mounted cabinet and frame, countdown counter, etc.
    • Temperature monitoring (working wheel, cooling lubricant)
    • Monitoring of the cooling lubricant flow rate
    • Language switch-over
    • Touch-down monitor of upper working wheel

    Various error diagnostic functions through:

    • Text display of error messages
    • Error location display
    • Error history

    Process-Data-Recording (Data Care) – recording of process data (speeds, torques, etc.) and other meta data on external data media.

  • AC 1200 Technical Data:


    Machine modelAC 1200
    Version F,H L,P
    Wheel diameter (mm) 1160 / 1232 1232
    Ring width (mm) 341 / 396 396
    Max. load pressure (daN) 1800 / 3000 1300
    Upper drive power (kW) 26 / 36 12 / 16
    Upper drive speed (rpm) 110 / 136 / 160 80 / 600
    Lower drive power (kW) 26 / 36 12 / 16
    Lower drive speed (rpm) 110 / 136 / 160 80 / 60
    Center drive power (kW) 6 / 9 4,5
    Center drive speed (rpm) 90 / 120 60
    Working wheel cooling Labyrinth Labyrinth
    Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 2350 x 3400 x 3280 2350 x 3400 x 3280
    Weight (kg) 8300 8300
    Max. work piece thickness (mm) 100 100
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AC microLine® Series — Latest Technology as Standard – for outstanding Performance and Versatility

Ideas – Drive – Flexibility – Commitment. That’s exactly what makes PETER WOLTERS a world leader in the field of manufacturing Single- and Double-Wheel Fine Grinding, Lapping, Polishing, Flat Honing and Deburring Machines for flat work pieces.

PETER WOLTERS meets market requirements with a wide range of new, innovative products, offering its customers trend-setting solutions, since 1804. Products for Today and Tomorrow.


Latest Technology as Standard –
for outstanding Performance and Versatility
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