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  • ac-700new-1

    AC microLine® Series

    High productivity double wheel machines of the AC microLine® range display state-of-the-art design and concept. The modular system of main components together with the precision of the latest control-, drive and measuring technologies deliver reliability of the process and make the system comfortable to operate.

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  • Single-wheel lapping and polishing machineseinscheiben-starter

    Single-wheel lapping and polishing machines are used for small to large size work pieces. Production of these parts can be achieved from small quantities to high volume production. All machines are equipped with digital control and monitoring electronics.

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  • DDG 580

    Double-side Surface Grinding to Perfection

    Highly competitive, with its space saving footprint, high precision and extremely cost effective design. The double-disk surface grinding machines in the new DDG product range from LAPMASTER offers economic effectiveness at its best.

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  • BD 300-L Linear-Finishing-Deburring-System

    bd-300-4-stationen smallPETER WOLTERS has impressively demonstrated, with the Linear-Finishing Deburring system BD 300-L, that it is possible to enter the world of highly accurate and economic deburring of flat work pieces with reasonable investment costs.

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  • macro-starter

    MICRON machines are modular CNC grinding centers
    They are compact, reliable, and especially designed for Creep Feed-, Profile-, and HEDG grinding. Compared to conventional surface grinding, these processes allow high stock removal rates. Therefore, MICRON machines offer a high level of dynamic rigidity.

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Lapmaster Wolters: World Leader in Precision Surface Solutions

Ideas – Drive – Flexibility – Commitment.

Lapmaster Wolters is a leading supplier of high precision machine tools and systems for high tolerance surface processing of nearly any kind of work piece.

Our systems are suitable for virtually unlimited applications, from metal industries, automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, ceramics, plastics or glass industries. PETER WOLTERS systems can be configured for nearly all materials.



News & Press Releases

January 30, 2018

PRECISION SURFACING SOLUTIONS announces its acquisition of REFORM Grinding Technology GmbH

Mount Prospect, IL – January 30, 2018 – PRECISION SURFACING SOLUTIONS (formerly Lapmaster Wolters Group), a leading supplier of equipment and services for precision lapping, polishing, grinding, and honing, announced today that it has acquired REFORM Grinding… » » » » »
10 Jun 2014

Lapmaster announces its acquisition of Peter Wolters

Mount Prospect, IL – June 6, 2014 – Lapmaster Group Holdings LLC, a leading supplier of high-precision equipment and services for lapping, polishing, grinding, and honing, announced today that it has… » » » » »
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