Welcome at the Speedfam-OEM Supplier Lapmaster Wolters

How SpeedFam-IPEC became part of Lapmaster Wolters

1998 SpeedFam and IPEC (Integrated Process Equipment Corporation) merger is announced
2002 Novellus acquires SpeedFam-IPEC
2004 Novellus acquires Peter Wolters. SpeedFam-IPEC becomes part of PETER WOLTERS
2014 Lapmaster LLC acquires PETER WOLTERS. SpeedFam consumables and spares provided by Lapmaster.

All acquisitions and mergers did not change the quality of the SpeedFam products offered by Lapmaster Wolters.

Peter Wolters and Lapmaster have a long history and are very experienced in a variety of lapping, honing, fine grinding and polishing machines. Challenge us with your requirements. We are here to support you to get the most out of your machine:

  • Lapping wheels
  • Polishing wheels
  • Composite lapping-polishing wheels
  • Grinding wheels for flat honing
  • Base plates for polishing pads
  • Conditioning rings
  • Carrier wheels
  • Adapter pads
  • Load plates
  • Polishing pads
  • Lapping grain and –fluid
  • Diamond powder
  • Diamond fluids
  • Microspray
  • Interferometer and polishing platen
  • Optical flats
  • Test blocks
  • Ultrasonic cleaning units
  • Lapping fluids

 Call us at Toll Free: 877.FLATNESS or email us at sales@lapmaster-wolters.com


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