The Company History

Ideas – Drive – Flexibility – Commitment

PETER WOLTERS started as small family-run business that specialized in carding machines and wire manufacturing in 1804. PETER WOLTERS continually grew over the years and started its own construction and tooling department in the 1940s.

In the following years, the first single-side lapping machine was designed and built. Soon, the facilities in Mettmann became too small and an alternative location had to be found. In 1975, PETER WOLTERS moved to the new headquarters in Rendsburg.

By continuously expanding the subsidiaries in the USA, Asia (China, Japan, India) and Europe, PW delivers its know-how right to the customer’s front doorstep.


Chronological Order of History

2014 Lapmaster Group Holdings LLC acquires PETER WOLTERS. The new company is called Lapmaster Wolters
2012 As a result of the acquisition of Novellus Systems by Lam Research, PETER WOLTERS GmbH has a new parent company
2010 Relocation of VOUMARD products to PETER WOLTERS in Rendsburg
2008 Acquisition of US product line micron
2005 Acquisition of Swiss Voumard Machines Ca, SA
2004  22nd/24th September company jubilee 200 years of PETER WOLTERS
2004  Sale of PETER WOLTERS to Novellus Systems
The product line SpeedFam-IPEC (former Spitfire) now belongs to Peter Wolters and is renamed as SpeedFam-PW
2004 Merging of PETER WOLTERS Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co and Surface Technologies GmbH & Co.KG into one combined company
 2003 PETER WOLTERS CMP Systems GmbH  & Co. KG renamed to Peter Wolters Surface Technologies GmbH & Co. KG 
 2001 Closure of RIWO Drahtwerkes in an effort to concentrate on core competencies
 1998 Foundation of PETER WOLTERS Japan K.K. in Osaka (Japan)
 1998 Foundation of PETER WOLTERS CMP-Systems GmbH & Co. in Rendsburg
 1996 Sale of the division Carding Machine to the Carclo Group, England
 1994 Foundation of PETER WOLTERS U.K. Ltd. in Mitcham near London (GB)
 1994 Foundation of PETER WOLTERS Läpp- und Poliertechnik GmbH in Stuttgart-Leinfelden.
 1992 Foundation of PETER WOLTERS Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
 1990 Restructuring of the group with concentration on the core competencies and beginning of divisionalization
 1987 PETER WOLTERS AG; restructuring under German company law: the partnership becomes a corporation with limited liability
 1979 Anniversaries: 175 years of PETER WOLTERS and 50 years of RIWO-Drahtwerk
 1977 Foundation of Riwo Wire Inc. in Plainville near Boston (USA)
 1975 Official opening of the new building in Rendsburg
 1974 Foundation of PETER WOLTERS of America Inc. in Plainville near Boston (USA)
 1974 Relocation of the corporate headquarters of the machine construction and the wire plant from Mettmann to Rendsburg.
 1973 Death of Hans-Friedrich Bovensiepen
 1972/73 Planning and construction of the new plant in Rendsburg
 1971 Creation of the PETER WOLTERS Foundation as limited partner of the PETER WOLTERS Company. Founders are Hans-Friedrich Bovensiepen and his sons Hans-Joachim and Bernd Bovensiepen.
 1965 Sale of the first series of machines for the semiconductor-industry to Wacker
 1961 Delivery of the first lapping machine for silicon wafers to Wacker
 1959 Peter Robert Bovensiepen and his children retire from the company. Hans Friedrich becomes the sole fully liable partner.
 1951 Gustav Bovensiepen dies. His sons Hans-Friedrich und Peter Robert continue the business.
 1950 Foundation of the PETER WOLTERS Kratzen- und Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. in Mettmann; the sons Hans-Friedrich and Peter Robert Bovensiepen become shareholders as limited partners
 1946 Relocation and reconstruction of RIWO-Drahtwerk in Wülfrath in rented premises
 1944 RIWO-Drahtwerk in Hamm is destroyed by bombs
 1943 Construction and distribution of lapping and polishing machines under own direction
 1936 Beginning of the licensed production of fine grinding, lapping and polishing machines in Mettmann
 1934 Hans-Friedrich and Peter Robert Bovensiepen become personally liable partners Gustav Bovensiepen retires as a limited partner.
 1929 Acquisition of RIWO-Drahtwerk in Hamm   
 1928 Gustav Bovensiepen´s sons, Hans-Friedrich Bovensiepen and Peter Robert Bovensiepen, enter the company
 1927 Foundation of „Iron Foundry Hardenberg“ in Neviges by Gustav Bovensiepen.
 1903 July 19: Official opening of the new concrete building in the Bismarckstraße in Mettmann. This type of construction was very special at the time. Start-up of own machine manufacturing and sale of first auxiliary textile machine.
 1893 Next new factory building in Mettmann, Düsseldorfer Straße
 1892 Gustav Bovensiepen takes over the company on his own account.
 1887 First new factory building in Mettmann, Düsseldorfer Straße
 1881 Gustav Bovensiepen, born in 1867, enters the company. He is the founder's grandson, nephew of Robert and son of Johann Peter Wolters´ daughter Ida and her husband, the lathing master craftsman Friedrich Bovensiepen.
 1880 The production of carding machines is expanded. Not only cotton cards, but also cards for raising and stiffening are fabricated.
 1850 Johann Peter Wolters dies. His widow and 4 of his sons, Wilhelm, August, Fritz and Robert continue the business.
 1804 Johann Peter Wolters, born 1777 in Mettmann, begins making carding machines in the little house Schlickum in Mettmann

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